Friday, 12 December 2014


I'd like to talk some more about my daughter's pre Uni experience before moving on to the dreaded subject of Freshers week (she's in her 3rd year now, so we've had the 'fun' of Freshers 3 times now).

We visited 3 Universities - Chester, Preston and Sheffield. As well as clocking up the miles, I'd like to share my experiences as dear old reliable Dad and offer some advice to other Dads or even Mums when undergoing the tortuous journeys to the interviews. My experience was that my daughter's nerves were shredded before we even left, especially the Sheffield trip, given that was her favoured destination.

My first piece of advice is; on the way, do not discuss the upcoming interview or try and role play any questions or scenarios you think may come up - you will be wasting your time...and you've absolutely no idea what outcome can result from the truly explosive combination the arrogance of youth and extreme nerves.

Secondly, do not, under any circumstances dare suggest that everything will be OK, it will NOT. Not until your child has enjoyed their first illicit drop of hooch at their very own Freshers week.

Thirdly and probably most importantly, do not treat moments of silence (up to 20 minutes) as opportunities to 'shoot the breeze' or play I-spy, they are all grown up now and you forget just how important and life-changing the process is. It's only reflecting now just how daunting the whole process actually was for my daughter and it's a real honour that she chose me to attend with her.

I think that's the key actually, just be happy that you are looked on for quiet support and remember just how important it was to you and how life-changing it will be for them.

We got through it and you will too.

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