Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Hello everyone...

I'm Martin.

I've been asked to introduce myself to you all via my first blog. I guess like many of us, I'm not too keen on talking about 'me' however I'll do this as I really feel that being invited to blog on the topic of my parental experiences of having a daughter at Uni is worth sharing...

Let's do the boring stuff last. I'm a father of three, two 'grown up' daughters and a little boy who feels it's his responsibility to either get me and keep me fit or kill me prematurely, one or the other. I have a beautiful wife who is half Iranian, quarter Irish and English therefore we don't ever, ever row. I have  a one and a bit year old granddaughter who is just reaching that really sweet age. I'm the Chairman of my little boy's football club which is a fantastic honour - oh, and by the way, I work as a management consultant.

As I mentioned, my motivation for writing these posts is to share some of my experiences while my younger daughter has made the transition from 'pain in the backside' teen to rounded, responsible, fully paid up member of the human race via - what I feel is the fabulous vehicle of University.

Over the coming posts, I'd like to share experiences of the pre-Uni preparation, the few 'days of doubt' before she embarked on her University career, her first Freshers (probably quite a short post given my lack of information about it), her first experiences of living independently, her first year, second year and some of her final year.

I hope I can bring to life, some of the highs, lows, frustrations and rewards that she has shared with me and how her experiences have affected me and her family.

That's it for my intro, I hope your intrigued enough to welcome my next post and feel free to comment.

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